Feliz cumpleaños Nikola Tesla

Un día como hoy, nace Nikola Tesla, el padre de la ingeniería eléctrica, ¿que es lo que más admiras de él?

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  1. His attempts to free mankind from the energy that is distributed to the human race.
    Big business / governments have squashed our lives and sent us into an age of regression that we are not soon to be released from our bonds . Free energy is part of the solution he supposedly wanted but without global unity and a trade of ethics that all of mankind agrees with it is just my own private thought. If he truly was part of the collective all of the race will collectivly bring a out change by overcoming the mask of the governments/corporations/and the medias propoganda and brainwashing of the world. Most likely if your reading this it has already befuddled your thoughts to where you believe the Earth van be saved by economics. Ha, as Gandi once quoted «the earth is big enough for all men but not big enough for all mans greed» . You think whats in your hand is yours and the ground you may own. On paper maybe but in the big picture you are one with this big spinning globe and all we are is a parasite soon to become just another date and time of what was once before. As i said before only my own vision that is in front of me. I to was born on july 10, 67. Im an el ectrician and will always be with Mother. She is with me.

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