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23 junio, 2018


Colombia: ¿Qué pasó en Hidroituango?

Por Pedro vega:Como un Megaproyecto Hidroeléctrico de 2400 MW pudo tener un desenlace terrible a casi medio año de su finalización, teniendo que sacrificar la casa de máquinas para mitigar la emergencia generada en la represa el 28 de abril, muchas interrogantes. Algo que resaltar dentro de esta tragedia es que no se registraron pérdidas humanas. Para Colombia y el sector en general este evento dará muchas lecciones y aprendizaje, esperaremos los resultados oficiales post evaluación del evento. 🙏


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    M Shabbir
    Jun 30 2018

    • Key issues & reforms for the Dam Sites:
    1. Emergency Spillway System Construct somewhere behind the upstream area must be first priority to meet such kind of happened, easily escaping from high flood situations.
    2. The Diversion Tunnels as per design criteria round shape Complete before the heavy Rains & flood periods to bear the impacts of Static and other relevant forces like Sliding’s, Cracks, Sink Holes & settlements.
    3. The Project sites need to be add in provision of specific Cofferdams to controlling the water potential of upstream areas and not passing towards the Dam side, especially protecting form the Leakages.
    4. The Storage Capability in the Reservoir as per depend upon the Geological Site Condition of Soil and Rock Bedding Joint formation Strata like Horizontal, Vertical or inclined Shapes & (Earth Works States, Earthquakes, Hydrology, previous disasters in 10 years) and Drilling Blasting’s during in 5 years (Fracture areas of right Banks, Left Banks also near Structures Zones + other Weak portions need to address)
    5. Reviews must be considering as per Site Conditions of design criteria during the Construction execution stages.


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