¿TT o TP?, ¿Podría explicar como lo determinó?

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  1. I forgot to answer to the main question:
    In my opinion is a TP:
    – I could not identify the two terminals of the instrument transformer.
    – According to IEC standards the primary terminals of a TC must be identified by P1 and P2. The indentofication H1 shown in figures is not relevant according to IEC standards.

  2. Rated voltage: according to the voltage of the network.
    Number of cores: according to the functions required and the electrical company standards (energy metering; voltage metering; syncronization – yes or no – protection system – main and backup; requirements of harmonics compensation.
    Accuracy classes and power: the same principles explained for number of cores.
    Standards: IEC

    I apologize, but I don’t speak spanish, that is why the answer is english.

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